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ActiveCampaign is all about going above e-mail marketing with true marketing automation.

They’ve got a lot of terrific things going on for them…

Which is why it’s easy for me to see why you’d like more info about Facebook Lead Ads Activecampaign Free.


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I also suggest that you do keep reading on as I will be talking about:

So even if you are currently using ActiveCampaign…

Keep reading on to see how you can boost your e-mail marketing efforts.

ActiveCampaign Vs ClickFunnels

This is rather the challenging topic when it pertains to picking out a winner.

I personally don’t believe one is any much better than that other.

Here’s why.

ActiveCampaign is everything about email marketing…

And ClickFunnels is all about structure and creating complete sales funnels.

If they were specifically doing the exact same thing?

Then it would a lot easier to choose who is the top canine…

And that’s why I advise that you use both of them.

So what I am going to do is explain a few of the fantastic ActiveCampaign features…

And then let you understand how you can take them to the next level with ClickFunnels.

Oh and prior to I forget.

ClickFunnels includes the capability to test drive it for 2 weeks.

Moving on now.

ActiveCampaign Features

There’s no doubt about it. Facebook Lead Ads Activecampaign Free

ActiveCampaign definitely includes many impressive features.

Here’s the very first fantastic one.

  • ActiveCampaign Email Marketing

I imply duh.

This is an email marketing platform after all 😛

Here’s likewise what occurs with the ability to send out e-mails:

  • You can send out broadcast emails (otherwise called one time emails).
  • Autoresponder e-mails (which indicates you send them out right when somebody chooses in).
  • Leak projects (which means you can produce a series of messages to brand-new contacts).
  • Automated workflows (this is where you can combine triggers, actions, and logic).
  • And of course date based and arranged emails.

Discuss a lots of personalization when it comes to sending emails.

Here is a fantastic video when it comes to sending ActiveCampaign broadcasts.

Pretty cool right?

Now you may be asking how this deals with ClickFunnels.

And it’s very simple.

Anytime somebody opts-in to your list (or buy from you)…

You can send them specific e-mails that are custom-made fit to the actions they took.

So if they simply opted in?

You can provide details about what they are trying to find.

And if they simply bought an item from you?

You can give them more information about where to access their purchase.

And so on etc.

Either way.

Let’s move onto the next remarkable ActiveCampaign function.

  • ActiveCampaign Automation

Automate not only your marketing…

But all your sales and your whole organisation too.

This is in fact a big part of ActiveCampaign and exactly what they have to provide.

So instead of typing out each and every single element of it…

You can view the ActiveCampaign automation tutorial video down below to find out more.

With capabilities like website and occasion tracking, automation goals, attribution, and split action…

You’ve got the power to do some actually neat techniques…

Especially when combined with ClickFunnels.

ActiveCampaign provides you the ability to do fancy tricks on the email marketing side of things…

And ClickFunnels permits you to obtain advanced when it pertains to:

  • Upsells.
  • Downsells.
  • Cross sells.
  • Order bumps.
  • And obviously creating every type of funnel that you might ever dream of.

Speak about an incredible one-two marketing combination.

Next up. Facebook Lead Ads Activecampaign Free

  • ActiveCampaign Sales And CRM

Seamless integration with your individual e-mail, marketing, and automations.

Oh and before I forget?

There is most definitely an ActiveCampaign ClickFunnels integration…

And you can see it in the video down below.

It’s quite to setup (also it need to be)!

However when it comes to this aspect off ActiveCampaign…

You can immediately advance and close more sales (which is incredibly important).

Don’t have sales representatives or even a sales group?

No issue.

You can constantly setup custom sales procedures for getting the sale through e-mail.

And there’s a lot more when it comes to this huge ActiveCampaign feature.

Things like:

  • Having the ability to utilize their app on your phone.
  • Handling and growing your list of contacts.
  • Having the ability to supply various scores to your leads.
  • Better recognizing your leads through their social and habits information.
  • And so a lot more.

Below is a video that talks about about the ActiveCampaign lead scoring…

And how it can most absolutely help you out.

Alright and onto the last big feature of ActiveCampaign.

  • ActiveCampaign Messaging

Since you need to be able to send out messages ideal?

With ActiveCampaign you can use numerous approaches for sending emails.

Methods such as:

  • Email marketing (duh).
  • SMS (which is an expensive trousers way of saying text).
  • Site messages (which are messages from your website, naturally).

And so on and so forth.

Now SMS may be something that is pretty new to you…

So I put a video down listed below which talks more about ActiveCampaign SMS in more information.

Now that you have a great concept of what ActiveCampaign can accomplish…

Let’s wrap this post up.

ActiveCampaign Vs ClickFunnels

I stated it when and I will state it again (in a various format)…

One of these isn’t much better than the other…

That’s why it’s advised that you use both of them together.

After all. Facebook Lead Ads Activecampaign Free

Given that ClickFunnels comes with the ability to develop full-blown sales funnels…

You can produce funnels for all the deals that you plan on selling.

  • Sales letters.
  • Video sales letters.
  • Lead generation pages.
  • Secure checkout pages.
  • Upsell/ downsell pages.
  • Total webinar funnels.
  • Thank you/ download pages.
  • As well as gated membership areas.

Even if you are promoting other people’s products as an affiliate…

You can create your presell pages, examines pages, and perk pages in ClickFunnels too.

Speak about a great marketing combination right there.

However I think you understand.

If not?

Here is a great ClickFunnels review video that you can sink your teeth into.

And here are the crucial links for you.

And on the other hand is ClickFunnels.

Or click the big button down listed below to attain the same outcome.

Facebook Lead Ads Activecampaign Free


Thanks once again for dropping in and revealing interest in Facebook Lead Ads Activecampaign Free…

And I hope that you delight in both ActiveCampaign and ClickFunnels.