Building Landing Pages In Kajabi | Kajabi Vs ClickFunnels

Kajabi supplies digital entrepreneurs an amazing platform to assist:

  • Develop a life of liberty on the terms that they like.
  • And of course help to stop trading time for cash.

They have done a lots of fantastic things as an online software application as a service…

So I can see why you have an interest in Building Landing Pages In Kajabi.


I am presently doing a video on that subject (to obtain the most amount of information)…

So apologies for part of this post presently being under construction.

In the meantime I highly recommend that you read on…

As I will be addressing a lot of the Kajabi commonly asked questions…

Along with comparing among the most significant Kajabi rivals.

So let’s dive in right now.

Kajabi Vs ClickFunnels

With ClickFunnels being among the fastest growing software application in the online market…

It’s simple to see why so many individuals would want to compare and contrast these two.

So let’s start off by looking at some of the Kajabi features and after that go from there.

Kajabi Website

Here is whatever that occurs with Kajabi when it relates to a site.

  • Everything Together

This is one of my favorite little functions of Kajabi (that ClickFunnels doesn’ t have)…

And you can use Kajabi to have all of your items in one main place.

Speak about making your life much easier and not only for you however likewise for your faithful customers too.

Everything is going to remain in one area…

And you can even produce a market where your customers can purchase more.

Oh and I almost forgot to mention.

Kajabi allows you to offer your clients one single login for all their products.

Building Landing Pages In Kajabi

Above is an example of 2 courses in my Kajabi library.

Like I stated.

This little function is really one of my favorite Kajabi features.

  • Kajabi Website Themes

This is constantly a nice little reward…

As you get to dress up your website instead of having it look plain, dull, and boring.

You likewise get to include your own logo design, colors, and images to match your brand.

  • Kajabi Custom Domain

This is quite basic when it pertains to any type of software application…

But Kajabi enables you to use any custom domain rather of having Kajabi in the URL.

I wanted to bring this up…

Because individuals frequently ask if you can utilize your very own personal domain (and you can)!

  • Kajabi Blog

This is yet another function that has the upper hand versus ClickFunnels.

All of us know how effective blogs can be, specifically when you can:

  • Supply amazing value to your people.
  • Get numerous brand brand-new customers.
  • And turn an icy cold audience into warm buyers.

But that’s not all.

Kajabi blog sites are allowed to be SEO enhanced which implies you can get a lots of traffic.

Oh and by the method?

ClickFunnels “blog” posts aren’ t SEO enhanced which indicates you miss out on a great deal of traffic.

All in all.

If you are wanting to develop a website (or if that is your main goal)…

Then Kajabi would probably be the option that you opt for.

Let’s relocation onto the next area of Kajabi.

Kajabi Product

This section is going to be whatever associated to items…

So let’s dive in.

  • Kajabi Product Themes

This is actually something else that ClickFunnels doesn’t actually included…

But this gives you the capability ” gown up ” your products and for a much better total experience.

Call it branding.

Call it looks.

Whatever it might be, it is certainly is a nice little benefit to have.

  • Kajabi Mobile Responsive


This is basically important nowadays…

And I wouldn’t trust a tool that doesn’t have mobile responsiveness.

Both Kajabi and ClickFunnels are mobile enhanced, so you ready to go there.

  • Kajabi Video Hosting

This is yet another terrific function of Kajabi.

You get to publish your videos directly to Kajabi…

And you will have the shipment of the videos powered by Wistia.

On a side note?

You don’t requirement anything else besides Kajabi in this scenario…

Which is something that ClickFunnels doesn’t deal.

  • Kajabi Community Builder

This allows you to create a neighborhood chat within your courses.

Your consumers can:

  • Chat.
  • Engage.
  • And even talk about anything associated.

This is fantastic due to the fact that it can assist clients follow through on the info supplied.

And yet another feature that allows Kajabi to get the leg up on ClickFunnels.

Likewise here is a side note.

At the time it seems like Kajabi is leaving ClickFunnels in the dust right now.

And that might be true!

However the truth of the matter is these are a few of the things that Kajabi is strong with…

And there’s numerous terrific features when it concerns ClickFunnels.

Let’s continue on now.

  • Kajabi Drip Content

This is a fantastic method to have your consumers absorb the info that they invest it…

Without having them feel overloaded while doing so.

This is in fact a function that both Kajabi and ClickFunnels consist of.

Now there’s much more features when it concerns Kajabi products…

But let’s move onto the next section now.

Kajabi People

This is the section that relates to your list and your faithful customers.

Let’s begin with the first great feature.

  • Kajabi Member List

This is your Santa Clause list (so to speak) of consumer who have purchased from you.

Not only can you see who has purchased from you…

But you can likewise see which items they bought.

You can do likewise do this with ClickFunnels Actionetics (which is in the Etison Suite).

  • Kajabi Member Dashboard

This resembles the function above…

Except that you can likewise see (aside from products bought).

  • Their payment history.
  • How often they have actually visited.
  • And much more.

When once again.

ClickFunnels Actionetics can offer you some fantastic insight (as well as more) too.

  • Kajabi Announcements

This allows you to send out a broadcast to get customers back into your course.

ClickFunnels Actionetics can likewise do this too.

You would simply pick who you wish to send the announcement to…

And then send away!

  • Kajabi Tagging

This permits you to segment based on actions someone has (or hasn’t taken).

This type of tagging feature seems to be getting more popular nowadays…

So it’s most likely no surprise that you can likewise sector within ClickFunnel Actionetics.

Not only can you tag and segment…

But you can likewise send particular e-mails to those with or without particular tags.

Now onto the greatest and boldest section.

Kajabi Marketing

This is where ClickFunnels really shines.

Kajabi succeeds here too…

But let’s see how they match-up in this particular location.

  • Kajabi Pipeline

Because your online service is going to require some type of pipeline…

Or automated system to turn visitors into devoted clients.

When it pertains to Kajabi?

You can easily string together landing pages, deals, emails, and far more.

And you can certainly do so far more with Kajabi and ClickFunnels.

  • Kajabi Landing Page Builder

If you ever wanted to rapidly develop a higher transforming landing page…

Then you will definitely like both ClickFunnels and Kajabi.

Not only can you quickly struck the ground running…

But you a likewise utilize many design templates in order to get begun even faster.

And yes.

Both online tools feature different templates to make use of.

  • Kajabi Events (Evergreen Ones Too)

Webinars are one of the best methods to generate more income…

And that is why both tools also include the capability to:

  • Host live webinars.
  • Host automated webinars too.
  • Use webinar templates for landing pages.
  • Create landing page for getting webinar registrations.

Okay right?


I’ve been discussing Kajabi pretty much throughout the entire post so far.

So permit me to highlight many terrific features of ClickFunnels.

Just in case you aren’t familiar with them.

  • Custom-made safe and secure order kinds (that incorporate with numerous payment processors).
  • Order bump usage on your order form (which is an excellent method to increase earnings).
  • One click upsell and one click downsell pages (another terrific method to increase revenues).
  • Ability to create any kind of funnel (launch, high ticket, webinar, training, trip wire, etc).
  • Yes you can also produce subscription funnels that even gate off access to non clients).
  • Capability to create any type of landing page (sale letter, VSL, upsell, subscription pages etc).
  • And there is a helluva lot more.


I’m sure you can see that both of these tools load quite the marketing punch.

So let’s have a look at the cost of Kajabi and ClickFunnels.

Kajabi Pricing

When it concerns Kajabi there are 3 pricing plans (not consisting of the Enterprise strategies).

Here they are in addition to the costs.

And prior to continuing?

Bear in mind that each strategy includes various advantages, functions, and advantages.

You can always see the full pricing plans on the Kajabi page.

  • Kajabi Basic which is $129 a month.
  • Kajabi Pro which is $389 a month.
  • Kajabi Premium which is $899 a month.

When it concerns the ClickFunnels pricing?

Here is exactly what they currently have to use:

  • ClickFunnels which is $97 a month.
  • ClickFunnels Etison Suite which is $297 a month.

Once once again.

Each plan includes various benefits, features, and advantages.

You can checkout the primary ClickFunnels page in order to see all off the details.

So let’s see who the winner might potentially be.

ClickFunnels Vs Kajabi

We have covered a number of the great features and benefits of both of these tools.

It’s actually a truly difficult option to pick an outright winner.

But here is my final verdict.

  • If you are trying to find something that caters more towards your site.
  • Or if you are looking for a tool that caters more to item information.

Then I believe that Kajabi would be your preferred choice.

And on the other hand?

  • If you are trying to find something that caters more towards full blown sales funnels.
  • Or if you are searching for a tool that is much more rate reliable (which many people like).

Then ClickFunnels would be the much better option for you.

Or you can click that huge button down below for the exact same result.

Building Landing Pages In Kajabi

So I hope that this post helped you out.

Each tool has its advantages…

And it is really dependent upon what you are specifically looking for.

Unless you are seeking to utilize both at the exact same time…

As the video reveals listed below with the Kajabi ClickFunnels combination.


Thanks once again for revealing interest in Building Landing Pages In Kajabi…

And I hope you delight in the tool that you end up using (whichever one it might be).