Activecampaign Leadpages | LeadPages Vs ClickFunnels

LeadPages permits you to use their high converting landing pages…

Which can help you confidently build and grow your online organisation like never before.

So it is simple to see why you would like some more information about Activecampaign Leadpages.

But (there’s your huge but)!

I am presently working on putting a video together for this particular topic…

So apologies for this page still being under (I just developed it).

Now I recommend that you still continue to keep reading as I will be reviewing:

  • A few of the best LeadPages features and advantages.
  • Exactly what the LeadPages pricing is (and what comes with it).
  • All while comparing LeadPages Vs ClickFunnels (to discover the best alternative for you).

So let’s get on with the program.

LeadPages Vs ClickFunnels

Talk about the supreme battle of the titans.

These tools are most likely two of the most compared on the marketplace…

And it’s safe to see that many individuals want to know who the winner is going to be.

So exactly what I am going to do here?

Go over a number of the LeadPages functions and advantages…

And then compare and contrast them to what ClickFunnels has to offer.

Sound great?


LeadPages Features

It seems like LeadPages has actually been on the marketplace forever now…

So throughout that timeline they have actually absolutely crammed a great deal of features into their tool.

Here’s the very first big one.

  • LeadPages Create A Campaign

This is everything about getting your result in follow a particular path.

To puts it simply?

You can funnel them from marketing click all the way to the checkout process.

Aside from that?

LeadPages comes with several design templates to make your life easier…

Because you can use them and after that alter everything around to your taste.

On the other hand? Activecampaign Leadpages

ClickFunnels has numerous templates also (all which you can modify 100%).

That was one minor interruption when it pertained to utilizing LeadPages…

Was that it constantly appeared like everyone was utilizing the same templates.

Maybe you noticed that too?

Or maybe I’m just being obtuse 😛

In the meantime if you want to see what a few of the LeadPages templates appear like…

Feel free to enjoy the video down below.

When it pertains to creating projects you can also utilize pop-up boxes.

It has actually been evaluated and proven that pop-up boxes are an excellent method to increase conversions…

And both ClickFunnels and LeadPages utilize this fantastic feature.

Last but not least when it pertains to LeadPages projects?

They feature what’s described as LeadPages integrated payment.

And yes it is precisely how it sounds.

This permits you to accept payments on any landing page or pop-up.

When compared with ClickFunnels in this section?

I would need to state that ClickFunnels absolutely has the upper hand.

ClickFunnels allows you to:.

  • Create total checkout pages.
  • Utilize order bumps on those checkout pages.
  • Make use of one click upsell and downsell pages too.
  • And of course integrate with several payment processors.

Both tools include a good little checkout sections…

But ClickFunnels goes above and beyond (seeing they are focused total on funnels).

Next up.

  • LeadPages Connect With A Crowd

This is something that ClickFunnels can not presently take on.

With LeadPages?

Their Facebook ad home builder gets content from your page…

Allowing you to fast develop transforming advertisements.

Discuss a terrific way to obtain up and running faster than a speeding bullet.

However not only that…

LeadPages allows you to personalize and quickly target your ideal audience.

Last but not least?

LeadPages automated pixel positioning will the do the ” effort ” for you.

And what do I mean by that?

Facebook’s tracking pixel gets places on your landing page for you.

With ClickFunnels you can certainly include your very own…

But it is certainly not included for you.

So all in all?

When it concerns this section LeadPages definitely has the advantage.

Next up.

  • LeadPages Convert Your Leads

LeadPages AB testing is definitely a fantastic way to quickly increase your conversion.

Now. Activecampaign Leadpages

ClickFunnels likewise comes along with a split testing function…

But I must need to state that the LeadPages variation is so much easier to configure.

Then of course are the LeadPages combinations (there’s a great deal of them).

Rather than writing them out…

Onto the next section.

  • LeadPages Conquer Your Goals

This allows you to track your ad spend and see if you remain in the green.

No spreadsheets, guesswork, or browsing around for data.

This allows you to rapidly determine exactly what is working then do more of it.

ClickFunnels likewise does this with pretty much all of the crucial numbers you need.

So all in all?

Both tools are really practical when it comes to analytics.

Now when it comes to the LeadPages functions?

There are oh many more (I didn’t even get to talk much about their contractor)…

But if there’s one little feature that they have and ClickFunnels doesn’t?

It would absolutely be their SEO friendly pages.

ClickFunnels is certainly not recommended when it comes to getting SEO done.

In reality. Activecampaign Leadpages

The ClickFunnels blog is hosted on a WordPress site itself.

So if SEO is your main goal then ClickFunnels isn’t going to assist with that.

I personally utilize ClickFunnels however WordPress is my preferred technique when it pertains to SEO.

So now that you have a smart idea of a few of the LeadPages features…

Let’s have a look at the LeadPages cost.

LeadPages Pricing

So LeadPages occurs with 3 different strategies.

Here’s the essentials of each.

  • LeadPages Standard which is $37 a month.

This is the lowest price option and is perfect for new services.

  • LeadPages Pro which is $79 a month.

This is the middle plan alternative and is perfect for growing services.

  • LeadPages Advanced which is $321 a month.

This is their highest cost choice and is perfect for marketing pros and groups.

I also desire you to keep in mind that each strategy features different perks and advantages…

And that the prices can change based upon if you pay regular monthly or annually.

But here are the features that every strategy comes along with:.

  • Unlimited pop-ups.
  • Real time analytics.
  • Facebook ad home builder.
  • Unlimited LeadPages.
  • Seamless combinations.
  • Weekly group coaching.
  • Mobile responsive pages.
  • Endless leads and traffic.
  • Lead magnet hosting and shipment.

And another thing I really like because list…

Is that it features endless LeadPages and endless leads and traffic.

For the low ClickFunnels plan?

You are limited on traffic, pages, and funnels…

Which can often get pretty darn frustrating (particularly the funnels section).

So that’s a great deal of functions when it pertains to LeadPages.

Want to see more functions, benefits, and the full LeadPages pricing information?

Now it probably seems like I favor LeadPages over ClickFunnels at the time.

Nevertheless. Activecampaign Leadpages

ClickFunnels has far more to use over ClickFunnels.

So let’s have a look at the ClickFunnels side of things.

ClickFunnels Vs LeadPages

ClickFunnels versus Leadpages.

No matter how you say it?

This is truly one tough fight to compare and contrast.

So I am not going to dig into each and every single little detail of ClickFunnels…

Because ClickFunnels does a lot more than simply the landing page shenanigans…

Which implies there’s more that they can achieve compared with LeadPages.

Think about it this way.

LeadPages is all about developing lead pages (otherwise known as landing pages)…

And ClickFunnels is all about created funnels (and that includes every type of landing page).

So with that being said?

Here is an extremely mini list of some ClickFunnels features:.

  • Clickpops.
  • Clickoptins.
  • Order pages.
  • Sales funnels.
  • Optin funnels.
  • AB split testing.
  • Webinar funnels.
  • Email integrations.
  • Subscription funnels.
  • All advanced funnels.
  • Auto webinar funnels.
  • Upsell (and downsell) pages.
  • Ability to share your funnels with others.

And if you pick the greater costs plan (which is called ClickFunnels Etison Suite)…

Then that also comes along with:.

  • Actionetics (which you can think about like your very own innovative email marketing platform).
  • Backpack (which is like your personal robust affiliate management platform).

So instead of drawing out every little detail from the functions above…

Here’s some incredible ways to utilize a few of ClickFunnels functions for much better usage.

ClickFunnels Order Bumps

This has to be one of my favorite mini functions.

What this does it permit you to include an additional deal to the page…

Where all your client has to do is check off a box in order to acquire it.

Just by implementing this?

I instantly saw that 33% of customers would use up this deal.

Speak about leaving loan on the table.

ClickFunnels One Click Upsells (And Downsells)

All of us know that most of loan is made after the front end sale right?

So that’s why one click upsells (and downsells) are so useful.

Not only can you include a one time offer after the initial purchase…

But you can also enable your clients to buy with only one little click.

Here is why this is so important:.

  • You customers don’t have to re-enter their name, email, or address.
  • They also don’t have to re-enter their credit card name or billing information.

This conserves them a lots of time…

And also will truly increase your conversions (as seen from my own screenings).

Now we can move onto the cost of ClickFunnels.

ClickFunnels Pricing

So ClickFunnels features two different rate options.

  • $ 97 a month which is the ClickFunnels plan.

With this you get 20 funnels, 100 pages, and 20,000 visitors per month.

  • $ 297 a month which is the ClickFunnels Etison Suite plan.

With this you get endless funnels, pages, and visitors.

(remember LeadPages is unrestricted for all their plans).

Aside from that?

You likewise get Actionetics and Backpack (which I discussed above in this post).

And much like LeadPages, ClickFunnels likewise features a complimentary trial.

So now that we have actually discussed a number of the features and advantages.

Allow me to give my last ideas on LeadPages Vs ClickFunnels.

LeadPages Benefits

  • Better connection with Facebook marketing.
  • Specifically utilized for landing pages and a few other things.
  • Better to utilize if you are just getting going with an online service.

ClickFunnels Benefits

  • Efficient in running your whole online company on.
  • You can produce each type of funnel that you might ever imagine.
  • Better to use if you desire more features, advantages, tools, as well as integrations.

So here are my last thoughts.

If you simply wish to begin developing landing pages and collecting leads?

Then LeadPages is most likely your best choice.


If you wish to be able to construct out full-blown funnels and basically do anything?

Then ClickFunnels is most likely your best option.

But that decision is going to be based upon precisely what you are trying to find.

You may require particular features (or want less) for whatever you’re doing.


If you are trying to find more info about LeadPages Vs ClickFunnels…

Then do not hesitate to watch the YouTube video down below.


If you want to a minimum of check out ClickFunnels…

Or simply click on the huge photo listed below for the same outcome.

Activecampaign Leadpages

Which will do it.

Thank you for looking for some extra info when it comes to Activecampaign Leadpages…

And regardless of which landing page tool that you wind up choosing?

I know that it will really help you build and grow your online service much quicker.

Delight in.

Activecampaign Leadpages | ActiveCampaign Vs ClickFunnels

ActiveCampaign is all about exceeding email marketing with true marketing automation.

They’ve got a great deal of fantastic things going on for them…

Which is why it’s simple for me to see why you’d like more info about Activecampaign Leadpages.


I’m currently in the procedure of creating a video on this subject (to obtain more details)…

So sorry about part of this post currently being under construction.

I also suggest that you do keep reading on as I will be discussing:

So even if you are already utilizing ActiveCampaign…

Keep reading on to see how you can strengthen your email marketing efforts.

ActiveCampaign Vs ClickFunnels

This is rather the difficult topic when it concerns choosing a winner.

I personally don’t think one is any much better than that other.

Here’s why.

ActiveCampaign is all about email marketing…

And ClickFunnels is everything about structure and producing complete sales funnels.

If they were exclusively doing the very same thing?

Then it would much easier to choose who is the leading canine…

And that’s why I advise that you utilize both of them.

So what I am going to do is describe some of the excellent ActiveCampaign functions…

And then let you understand how you can take them to the next level with ClickFunnels.

Oh and prior to I forget.

ClickFunnels features the ability to test drive it for 2 weeks.

Moving on now.

ActiveCampaign Features

There’s no doubt about it. Activecampaign Leadpages

ActiveCampaign definitely includes lots of remarkable functions.

Here’s the first excellent one.

  • ActiveCampaign Email Marketing

I suggest duh.

This is an e-mail marketing platform after all 😛

Here’s likewise what occurs with the capability to send out emails:

  • You can send out broadcast e-mails (otherwise called one time e-mails).
  • Autoresponder emails (which suggests you send them out right when someone chooses in).
  • Leak campaigns (which indicates you can create a series of messages to brand-new contacts).
  • Automated workflows (this is where you can integrate triggers, actions, and logic).
  • And naturally date based and set up emails.

Discuss a lots of modification when it comes to sending e-mails.

Here is a fantastic video when it comes to sending out ActiveCampaign broadcasts.

Pretty cool right?

Now you might be asking how this works with ClickFunnels.

And it’s extremely easy.

Anytime somebody opts-in to your list (or buy from you)…

You can send them specific emails that are customized fit to the actions they took.

So if they just opted in?

You can provide info about exactly what they are trying to find.

And if they just bought a product from you?

You can give them more details about where to access their purchase.

And so on and so forth.

Either way.

Let’s move onto the next remarkable ActiveCampaign function.

  • ActiveCampaign Automation

Automate not just your marketing…

But all of your sales and your entire organisation too.

This is really a substantial part of ActiveCampaign and exactly what they need to provide.

So rather than typing out each aspect of it…

You can view the ActiveCampaign automation tutorial video down listed below for additional information.

With abilities like website and occasion tracking, automation objectives, attribution, and split action…

You’ve got the power to do some truly cool tricks…

Especially when combined with ClickFunnels.

ActiveCampaign gives you the ability to do fancy tricks on the email marketing side of things…

And ClickFunnels permits you to get advanced when it pertains to:

  • Upsells.
  • Downsells.
  • Cross sells.
  • Order bumps.
  • And obviously creating every type of funnel that you might ever dream of.

Speak about a fantastic one-two marketing combination.

Next up. Activecampaign Leadpages

  • ActiveCampaign Sales And CRM

Seamless combination with your personal e-mail, marketing, and automations.

Oh and before I forget?

There is most certainly an ActiveCampaign ClickFunnels integration…

And you can see it in the video down below.

It’s pretty to setup (also it must be)!

But when it concerns this element off ActiveCampaign…

You can instantly advance and close more sales (which is extremely essential).

Don’t have sales reps or perhaps a sales team?

No issue.

You can always setup custom sales procedures for getting the sale through e-mail.

And there’s a lot more when it concerns this big ActiveCampaign function.

Things like:

  • Being able to utilize their app on your phone.
  • Managing and growing your list of contacts.
  • Having the ability to provide different scores to your leads.
  • Better identifying your leads through their social and behavior information.
  • Therefore a lot more.

Below is a video that discusses about the ActiveCampaign lead scoring…

And how it can most certainly assist you out.

Alright and onto the last big feature of ActiveCampaign.

  • ActiveCampaign Messaging

Because you need to be able to send messages right?

With ActiveCampaign you can use several methods for sending emails.

Methods such as:

  • Email marketing (duh).
  • SMS (which is an expensive pants way of stating text).
  • Site messages (which are messages from your site, naturally).

And so on and so forth.

Now SMS might be something that is quite new to you…

So I put a video down listed below which talks more about ActiveCampaign SMS in more detail.

Now that you have a fantastic concept of what ActiveCampaign can achieve…

Let’s wrap this post up.

ActiveCampaign Vs ClickFunnels

I said it as soon as and I will say it again (in a different format)…

One of these isn’t much better than the other…

That’s why it’s recommended that you use both of them together.

After all. Activecampaign Leadpages

Considering that ClickFunnels features the ability to produce full-blown sales funnels…

You can produce funnels for all the deals that you plan on selling.

  • Sales letters.
  • Video sales letters.
  • Lead generation pages.
  • Secure checkout pages.
  • Upsell/ downsell pages.
  • Complete webinar funnels.
  • Thank you/ download pages.
  • As well as gated membership locations.

Even if you are promoting other people’s items as an affiliate…

You can develop your presell pages, evaluates pages, and benefit pages in ClickFunnels too.

Discuss a fantastic marketing combo right there.

But I believe you get the idea.

If not?

Here is a terrific ClickFunnels examine video that you can sink your teeth into.

And here are the crucial links for you.

And on the other hand is ClickFunnels.

Or click the big button down below to accomplish the very same outcome.

Activecampaign Leadpages


Thanks again for coming by and expressing interest in Activecampaign Leadpages…

And I hope that you enjoy both ActiveCampaign and ClickFunnels.